New Students

Explore Edinburgh and stay safe

Edinburgh is a safe and small city and easy to get around on foot or by bike. It’s full of green spaces; parks, squares, hills and gardens. There’s plenty of room to exercise, relax and to study safely.

Most shops, bars, restaurants and cafés in the city are open with health and safety measures in place. 

Stay safe and protect each other during the Covid-19 pandemic

Hear from Current Students

Read our student blogs and find out what you can expect from student life in Edinburgh.

Life in the city of Edinburgh

A view of Edinburgh at night
The City of Edinburgh is one of the greatest cities to live in, with so many cultural and historical attractions, beautiful scenery and places to visit, we have listed the best places to go.

Staying safe in Edinburgh

staying safe
Your safety on campus and online is important to us. As you settle into university life, it is important to keep an awareness and recognise how to keep safe, secure and where to go for further information, should you require it. Edinburgh is a safe city with a low crime rate, but it is still important that you pay attention to your personal safety. You should be aware of the laws in the UK and Scotland while you are living here.

Tackling Harassment

Read about support for sexual harassment and reporting procedures.