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Undergraduate Welcome sessions

In this section, you will find information about the welcome events you can attend before you start University and then once you arrive. These include essential induction meetings for all new undergraduate students.

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Before you start

Get answers to your questions about starting University: 

Join any of the 'How-to' online information sessions from Monday 23rd August to get practical advice and information about joining the University of Edinburgh.  These sessions will cover all the practical things you need to know before starting University from ‘How-to Develop Your Study Skills’ to ‘How-to get involved in Societies.’ 

Watch recorded presentations via the on-demand 'How-to' channel

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Choose your optional courses

Most Undergraduate students will have the flexibility to additionally take 'outside/optional courses' outwith their programme. You will need to confirm your courses in Welcome Week, but doing so you can use this time to research what is available and what interests you. 


Visit the Course Options Hub

Once you arrive

All Schools will host essential welcome events for new undergraduate students before teaching starts. These are important to attend.

These sessions will include:

  • guidance on what you need to do to get started
  • opportunities to meet key members of staff and fellow students
  • important information about your Personal Tutor or the student support team
  • details of tasks to complete during and after Welcome Week

Often these initial meetings are part of a larger programme of induction activities that your School will host durng Welcome Week. You will be sent more information about these events via email from mid-August onwards. We recommend that you check your personal email inbox and your new University Office365 email inbox.

Please note: your School will tell you how these activities will be delivered. If they are digital, you will receive full instructions on how to sign in. If on-campus, you will be given clear instructions about where the activity will take place and health and safety guidance too.

Visit your School's website for more information.


Plan your schedule for Welcome Week:

Download the UoE Events App and explore the different events happening during Welcome Week. The app also brings together a collection of to-do lists, city guides, useful web pages and general advice to help prepare you for the start of your studies.

Download the UoE Events App



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