New Students

How to confirm your optional courses

Information about how to confirm your course choice(s).

Your School will inform you about how to register/enrol onto your optional courses. Depending on your School, this could be discussed as part of a meeting with an academic or dedicated student experience and administrative staff or possibly through an online form.

You should make your initial choice of optional course(s) before teaching starts on Monday 19th September.  This is particularly important if you are interested in popular courses where spaces may fill up quickly.  However, the absolute deadline for course choice is the end of Week 2 (Friday 30th September) so if your timetable doesn’t work out or your first-course choice isn’t for you, you can change optional courses up to this deadline.  If this situation arises please speak to your academic or dedicated student experience and administrative staff.


If your School offers you a meeting, for example with an academic or dedicated student experience and administrative staff, to discuss your optional courses, remember: 

  • Take along any notes you have made from initial research using DRPS, Path, and the Course Options Hub so you can discuss your thoughts in more detail.
  • University staff can advise you about relevant options and discuss your plans but they cannot make the decision for you.
  • University staff will enrol you on the available course that you have chosen

After you have been enrolled on your optional courses, the details will be uploaded and transferred into your personalised timetable.  

Task 2: Access your Timetable