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How to choose optional courses

Information on how to research all of your options before you start

You can choose from a range of optional courses to take alongside compulsory 'core' courses for your degree programme, these can complement what you are studying or be completely different.

Key points to consider:

  • You need to know what School your degree belongs to in order to start your research
  • Only your School can add you onto course 
  • Remember to explore all the options - you can look at courses related to your degree or something completely different!
  • Look through how the course is structured e.g. lectures, workshops, tutorials, lab sessions
  • Check how the course is assessed e.g. coursework and/or exams
  • Check entry requirements (pre-requisites) for each course (e.g., do you need to have completed another course in advance)
  • Check for timetable clashes (please note, you cannot take optional courses which clash with your compulsory classes)
  • Your School will be able to tell you whether your course choices has spaces available 
  • Your optional courses are only finalised when you have confirmation from your School
  • Your optional courses may not show up on your timetable immediately but you can check what is confirmed on your Student Record 


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Recorded in 2021, will be updated for starting University in September 2022 in August 2022

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How-to choose your optional courses 2021

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