New Students

Complete your Essential Top 6 Tasks

When you start University you will need to complete your essential tasks to become fully engaged with student life.

Register your University Login and log into MyEd

A bunting triangle with the words 'Task 1.'

Register your University login and login with MyEd to support you during your studies - ideally, before you start University.

Task 1 - Register your University Login and log into MyEd

Get started with Office365

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Set up your student email account to receive critical communications from your School. Activate your Office365 and get free access to the applications/software available for the duration of your studies, including viewing your personalised timetable. 

Task 2 - Get started with Office 365


Finish the matriculation process

Task 3
Matriculation is the process by which you officially enrol at the University. Every student needs to complete the steps and there is also an additional step for any student coming from outside the UK/EU/EEA.

Pay your fees and open your UK bank account

Task 4
Paying your fees is a key step to matriculating and becoming a new student. You'll also need to complete setting up your UK bank account.

Get your University student card

Task 5
The University requires that you have an up-to-date University student card on you at all times. This card serves as your official student ID, your library card and door access control card to university buildings, as well as identification to benefit from various ‘student discounts’.

Complete registering with a local doctor

Task 6
Complete registering with your chosen medical practice.