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Academic Videos

Academics have created useful videos on some course that you can take in 2020.

To help you to choose your courses, our academics have put together videos for you on some of the courses that are available to choose from this year.

These videos are approx. 5 minutes long each and we encourage you to watch as many as you can, even on subjects that you have never heard of before, just to get a full idea of the types of courses that are available to you. Please also check the video description to for any added content and links to additional information. 

Please note: that we haven’t produced a video for every course that we run, and you’ll find that there are many more courses available in PATH and DRPS.

Media Hopper - Academic Videos 

Please note: every effort has been made to add quality subtitles to each video, however, there may be missing subtitles or errors. If you would like to have a transcript of any video, please contact 


How to use Media HopperMedia Hopper 

Media Hopper allows you to watch informative videos to help support you throughout your studies, this includes lectures, information videos, and much more. You can find videos that are relevant for Course Options by staying on the 'Course Options - Academic Videos' channel.


Media Hopper has search and filter functions

In the Course Options Hub, you can search for Course codes, which can be accessed using DRPS/Path.  You can also search for Course names, School names, subject areas or tags which people may have used in their video descriptions.

You may notice that sometimes we use acronyms instead of School names.  Here are some of the main ones you will encounter:

ECA – Edinburgh Collect of Art

EFI – Edinburgh Futures Institute

HCA – History, Classics and Archaeology

HiSS – Health in Social Science

LLC – Literatures Languages and Cultures

PPLS – Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

SPS – Social and Political Science

You can also sort videos in this channel any way that you wish, alphabetically, most viewed, most played etc. 


Whilst in Media Hopper, you may also come across lots of other useful videos too, such as recent 'How To' sessions recordings! Be careful about watching videos from before 2020 as the information may not be relevant anymore. 

Here is a video to help you get familiar with Media Hopper: 

Video: Accessing the Media Hopper
This short video shows you how to access the Media Hopper web portal and how to log in and out. Video contains audio narration and English subtitles. Licence Type: CC BY-NC Created by: Digital Skills and Training, Information Services. Email: Web: