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Get started on Office 365

Set up your email, free software and personal timetable with Office 365. Most future communications from the University will go to this email, so it is important to access this account regularly, including before you start your studies.

Access Office 365 and install Microsoft Office Software

How to apply
Explore Office 365 and install the latest Microsoft Office Software for free. Work from any location and any device with free access to the applications and software available for the duration of your studies.

Set up your personalised timetable

Laptop, bullet journal and phone with pen on a coffee table.
How to set up your personalised timetable and choose your outside courses (if you have the option to do so)

Complete your essential top 6 tasks

Register your University Login and log in to MyEd

Get started on Office 365

Begin the matriculation process

Pay your fees and prepare your finances

Apply for your University Student card

Access your health services