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Pay your accommodation fees

How to pay your University accommodation fees

When to pay

You can begin the process of paying your fees after you have received your offer of accommodation sent by the Accommodation Allocation Team. Once this offer has been sent to you, you will need to provide one of the following approved method payments, to accept your contract:

  • Instalments - Direct Debit
  • Instalments - Recurring card payments
  • Sponsored Students
  • Pay in Full

We offer flexible payment plans which allow you to either pay in full or in instalments. Fees may be paid upfront at the beginning of the academic year, or in monthly or semesterly instalments. This must be decided as part of your acceptance of the University accommodation offer. 

Payment options | UOE Accommodation (

How to pay

We expect you to organise funding for accommodation fees and living costs before you start your programme of study.

University accommodation fees are paid through the Finance Channel on MyEd.

Student accommodation fees must be paid per your lease’s terms and conditions.

University of Edinburgh | Open Accommodation Payment Pathway


Reminders for paying your accommodation fees and any further correspondence about these fees will be sent via your University student email account. 

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