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Getting support from the Disability and Learning Support Service

If you have a disability, learning difference, health or neurodiverse condition that impacts your studies please get in touch with the Disability and Learning Support Service (DLSS) as soon as possible. The earlier you get in touch with us, the better.

DLSS provide study focused support to students with disabilities, mental and physical health issues and those with neurodiverse conditions. We are keen to make contact with prospective and new students as early as possible before your studies start, so that the support you may require for your academic work can be put in place when you need it.

DLSS can provide a broad range of support including adjustments to how you experience your teaching, learning and research at the University, and where necessary, 1:1 support from professional and skilled specialists. We also work with the rest of the University to improve access in the widest sense.

Things to note:

The details you provided on your University application or support you received at School or your home University are not automatically transferred to the University of Edinburgh. You MUST register with our Service to receive support and we encourage you to do this before you arrive.

If you register with DLSS your information is kept confidential and will not be made known to parties outside the University.  Your degree certificate and transcript will not include details of your disability or state that you were supported by DLSS.  Even within the University, relevant information is shared only with those parties who are responsible for putting your study support in place. 

What you should do

  • Register with DLSS as early as you can. The earlier we know your requirements, the better we will be able to ensure that they are met.

  • The quickest way to do this is through our online registration process.

  • The registration process will ask you to upload supporting documentation regarding your disability, learning difference, health or neurodiverse condition.  Have this ready in order to complete the registration process.

  • Guidance on supporting documentation.

The support you will receive:

  • Discussions about academic adjustments, examination requirements and other types of support

  • A formal assessment of needs, making recommendations for relevant and appropriate support

  • Assistance with an application for disability-related funding where appropriate

  • Information about available technology and personal assistance

  • Advice on study skills support

  • Provide liaison over adaptations to teaching and residential accommodation

Any questions?

For further information or advice please contact the Disability and Learning Support Service.

Disability and Learning Support Service

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