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Learn 'how-to-do' things with our online information sessions

Get prepared for University with our 'How to...' sessions!

About the 'How to...' sessions

Student Ambassadors wearing brightly coloured t-shirts

Professional and support services staff from across the University will give you practical information and share their top tips on ‘how-to-do’ something. 

There’s a fantastic range of topics covered, including support and wellbeing, getting started, money management and staying safe at University.

 You can access the 'How to...' information sessions in the following ways:

Watch short pre-recorded videos

  • Pre-recorded videos are available to watch on our website now
  • They will provide you with a bite-sized introduction to a topic to help you get prepared for University
  • The title of each video will indicate whether it is aimed at undergraduate, postgraduate or relevant for all students
  • All of our pre-recorded videos are subtitled

Find out more and watch our pre-recorded videos

Watch recordings from our live online sessions

  • From Monday 28 August to Friday 1 September, we hosted over 30 live online sessions
  • Staff from across the University presented on a range of topics to help you get prepared, from how to get off to an effective start to how to be a digital citizen and stay safe online
  • We recorded the presentations from all of the live online sessions, so in case you couldn't join us live or if you would like a re-cap of the information covered, you can watch the recordings now!
  • The presentations are all slightly longer than the pre-recorded videos, giving you more in-depth information about a particular topic and the practical aspects of starting University

Find out more and watch the live online session recordings

Watch our ‘How to…’ pre-recorded videos

Student Ambassadors wearing brightly coloured t-shirts
Find out how-to-do some of the tasks that will help you to prepare for University.

Live online ‘How to…’ sessions

Student Ambassadors wearing brightly coloured t-shirts
From Monday 28 August to Friday 1 September, we hosted over 30 live online sessions! Watch the recordings to help get you started.