New Students

Pay your accommodation fees

How to pay your University accommodation fees and what to do if you are unable to move into your accommodation in September.

Delayed arrivals and leases

You may not be able to travel to Edinburgh in September 2020 due to travel restrictions.

If you are a matriculated student, have signed an accommodation contract for September 2020, and still expect to come to Edinburgh at some point in the future, please contact us.

We will release you from your lease (without charge) and ask you to contact us again when you are able to travel.

If we do release you, we will do our best to find new accommodation for you when you arrive. This will depend on the availability of bedrooms.

If you do not become a matriculated student in September, you will not be held to your University accommodation lease.

Accommodation fees

Once you have been sent an offer for accommodation and accepted, you must arrange a method of paying accommodation fees (i.e. rent, with catering fees if applicable). We expect you to organise your accommodation fees and living cost before you start your programme of study.

Reminders for this will be sent via your University student email account. 

University accommodation fees are paid through the Finance Channel on MyEd (university password login).

Payment options

We offer flexible payment plans which allow you to either pay in full or in instalments. Fees may be paid upfront at the beginning of the academic year, or in monthly or semesterly instalments. This must be decided as part of your acceptance of the University accommodation offer. 

For more detailed information on paying accommodation fees visit the University Accommodation, Catering and Events website. The site includes a payment schedule so you will not lose track of your accommodation payment deadlines. 

There is also information for sponsored students to guide them with their accommodation payment. 

Paying your rent for University accommodation (University Accommodation, Catering and Events website)