New Students

Undergraduate transition courses

Short courses to help you prepare for university, and develop your library, digital and academic communication skills.

Preparing for study

student holding books outside on campus.
This course will provide you with guidance on the key study and digital skills needed for learning at University, advice on how to find the support you need, and it will help you to be a good digital citizen.

LibSmart I: your library research starts here

male student at laptop in library image
This course will provide the digital skills needed to use our library resources for study and research.

Digital skills awareness

Overhead shot of student working on a laptop
ThisĀ course will help you develop the basic digital skills neededĀ for a successful learning experience.

Successful academic communications

Female student reading a book in a library with a pencil in left hand
This course will help build your confidence in using academic English for university study.

Introduction to Sustainability

Avenue of trees
This course will introduce you to some of the ways you can become more sustainable at the University of Edinburgh, and in your own life.

Consent Matters and Tackling Harassment

Consent Matters and Tackling Harassment Courses