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Teaching and Learning

We currently plan to deliver a mix of in-person and digital teaching for the academic year starting in September 2021. ​

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Teaching and Learning in 2021-22

Our current planning for the new academic year

Based on the information available to us just now we expect that:

  • most degrees will run a mix of digital and in-person teaching, though the exact balance will depend on your School’s arrangements
  • large group teaching is the most likely type to be delivered digitally because these class sizes are likely to be the most significantly affected by Covid-19 restrictions
  • smaller group teaching, such as seminars, tutorials, workshops and lab work, is most likely to be delivered in-person and on campus 
  • digital teaching will often be delivered in real-time as well as recordings being available, though again this will depend on your School’s arrangements


Undergraduate Study in 21/22

Postgraduate Study in 21/22