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Essential vaccinations and immunisations

The University encourages you to protect yourself by having the appropriate vaccinations.



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It is likely that you have received some vaccinations in your youth or before traveling to Edinburgh, but if you are not sure, speak to your home doctor and arrange to take the following vaccinations in advance of arriving in Edinburgh.

There are two highly recommended vaccinations that new students should get before arriving at University:

1. Meningococcal ACWY immunisation

2. Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) immunisation

1. Meningococcal ACWY immunisation (for first-time university entrants) 

If you are starting university for the first time (only students under 25 years), it is strongly recommended that you get the MenACWY single-dose vaccine at least two weeks before you arrive at the University to protect yourself and others against the rare, but life-threatening meningitis and/or septicaemia (blood poisoning). 

As a new student, you are at an increased risk of MenACWY because you have more close contact with other new students, especially during Welcome Week and if you are living in University accommodation.

If you are a postgraduate and have any queries about this Meningitis and septicaemia you should speak to your doctor. 

MenACWY (NHS Inform website)

2. Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) immunisation (for all students) 

Measles, mumps and rubella are highly infectious conditions that can have serious, and potentially fatal complications. There have been small outbreaks of mumps and measles within universities over the past few years in the UK among students who have not been vaccinated or have just had one MMR immunisation in their lives.

You will need to check your MMR vaccination history with your home doctor before you leave for University.  If you have not had two vaccinations, make arrangements to get them in advance with your doctor before arriving on-campus. 

MMR vaccine (NHS Choices website)

What should you do if you are unable to obtain the necessary vaccinations before arriving at University? 

If you did not get MenACWY and/or MMR immunisation before starting University, you will have to arrange to get the vaccine as soon as possible with your registered doctor/GP Practice, ideally in Welcome Week and no later than 31 October.

Task 6: Register with a doctor/GP

Please note: you do not need to offer proof to the University that you have received either of these immunisations, however, it is in the best interest of your health that you protect yourself against potentially life-threatening illnesses.

NHS Vaccination advice

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