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University of Edinburgh Events App

The University of Edinburgh Events app is an easy way for you to browse all of the information and events designed specifically for new students

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The Getting Started and Events guide within the app brings together a collection of details for events prior and during Welcome Week along with, to-do lists, useful web pages, and general advice to prepare you for the start of your studies.

You can use the app to build your own schedule before you arrive, when you start and beyond!

The Welcome Week event in January will be launched in December. 

1. Download the University of Edinburgh Events app

Download the app by searching for any of the following words: 'Edinburgh Events' or 'Edinburgh University events' on the Google Play or Apple App store. Alternatively, you can use the web version of the guide in your browser by clicking the Web version button.


Google Play

App Store

The app is compatible with iOS, Android, Blackberry 10+, and Amazon Kindle. If you are using a desktop computer, or other unsupported devices you can access the guide on your web browser by clicking the Web version button.

2. Find your guide 

Search for the guide New Students Info & Events 2022-2023 in the featured section (no passphrase is required) and you will now automatically access this guide every time you enter the app. Download the guide (it will take a few minutes) and then you have access to this guide. 

3. Use your guide

This guide has two functions, to search for events before and during Welcome Week and to help you find all of the support and information you need to get started. 

  • Check out the New student guidance to help organise your to-do list, including information on how to complete your Top 6 Tasks
  • Learn more about what services are available to support you during your studies in the Student Support Services section. Don't be afraid to ask for help!
  • Check out the Discover Edinburgh section where maps, self-guided tours and top tips will help you start to get your bearings in this wonderful city.
  • Go to Degree-related events to find any school induction activities relevant to you, then visit Events & workshops for events happening across the University, from society tasters to information sessions on how to use the library.
  • Add activities to Your Schedule as a handy reminder of things you definitely want to attend.
  • *you are not registered on any activity by adding it to your schedule* please follow all instructions about how to attend the event (which may require you to sign up to attend and/or purchase tickets)
  • Make sure you prioritise essential events hosted by your School/Programme (check your university email from mid-August to find out more info about your events).
  • Joint honours students - make sure you find your induction events for both degree programmes. If your induction activities for different courses clash, prioritise attending induction for your core subject (core subject is the first subject stated in your degree - eg Psychology and Sociology; attend psychology welcome first if events clash)


Web version

If you do not have access to a mobile device, you can access the guide on the web version

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Privacy Policy

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Accessibility Statement

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