New Students

Career prospects

Employers are looking for well-rounded students, who have made the most of their time at university to develop skills and experiences.

As a parent or guardian, it's natural that you want your new student to succeed in their career and their life. Choosing to study at the University of Edinburgh will certainly put your son or daughter on the right path, but career success requires more than just a good degree; the value of this university is also weighted in the personal and professional development opportunities available to students in addition to formal education.

The University has a number of services and opportunities to guide students in terms of their career aspirations.


Careers Service

From day one the Careers Service are here to support students - whether that is in finding part-time work, defining career goals or looking for internships.

We have a team of professional careers consultants who work collaboratively with academics, employers and university staff to maximise the employability of our students - and the results speak for themselves. Our students are well regarded, and actively recruited by top graduate employers. Every year we advertise thousands of vacancies on the internal University careers portal MyCareerHub. From large multinationals to local start-ups, from finance to heritage, there really are opportunities for everyone.

We know how important it is to meet employers and find out what they really want, so we have created a rich programme of fairs, events and festivals to give students access to employers and alumni throughout the year.

It is really no surprise that students and graduates place such a strong premium on the Careers Service. We are passionate about what we do, and feel privileged to work in such a great university with fantastic students.

Find out more about the Careers Service through their website. 

University Careers Service website

For more information about the opportunities available to your new student to help their professional and personal development whilst at the University, visit the University Students website.

Careers page on the University Students website


Building employability - alumni support

The development and long-term success of our students is fundamental to our student career support approach. This includes supporting the professional development of our students even outside of term-time and beyond graduation. 

Employ.ed - internship and part-time employment opportunities

Internships can substantially increase your new student's chances of finding employment and we proactively source quality internship opportunities for our students and recent graduates, including:

  • on-campus summer internships;
  • part-time internships for PhD students;
  • opportunities with local employers in a range of sectors for final year students and recent graduates; 
  • international summer internships, developed with our global network of employers.

Our paid internships are supported by a comprehensive development plan to ensure you benefit from the experience. For more information visit the University Careers website.

Internships page of the University Careers website


The Edinburgh Award

The activities your son or daughter pursues alongside their studies, such as running a sports club, part-time work on campus, providing peer support or volunteering in the community, can prove rewarding in many ways. The Edinburgh Award recognises student involvement in a wide range of co- and extra-curricular activities, and the skills and attributes they demonstrate.

The University will supports students to make the most out of their extra-curricular activities, by encouraging them to:

  • increase their self-awareness
  • make the most of existing strengths and develop new skills/abilities
  • make an impact in whatever situation they are in
  • confidently sell and demonstrate what they have to offer to employers.

Many employers expect something extra from today’s graduates, and the Edinburgh Award helps demonstrate what it is that sets our students apart. For more information visit the University Edinburgh Award website.

University Edinburgh Award website 


LAUNCH.ed – launchpad for student entrepreneurs

The University traditionally has one of the most entrepreneurial student bodies in the UK. We have helped launch almost 100 new student businesses in the last three years, ranging from language tuition to robotics companies.

LAUNCH.ed, our award-winning programme for student entrepreneurs, embodies our strong enterprise culture. It brings together a range of support services, working with hundreds of students each year to assess their ideas, develop business skills and help start their businesses.

The unique LAUNCH.ed consultation service is free, confidential, and available to any Edinburgh student for the duration of their studies and for up to two years after graduation. It aims to help our students distinguish themselves in a competitive job market and create real entrepreneurial opportunities. For more information visit the University LAUNCH.ed website.

University LAUNCH.ed website