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Hybrid teaching

While physical distancing measures continue, you’ll receive your teaching via on-campus and digital learning.

What is hybrid teaching?

Hybrid teaching covers courses and programmes that can be taken by on-campus and off-campus students. This means some of your classes and teaching will take place in-person, on our campuses, and some will continue to be delivered digitally.  

Will I be on campus?

While most of our lectures will be delivered digitally in Semester 1, we will offer other elements face-to-face wherever possible, such as seminars and tutorials. This means that we will have a number of buildings open for use wherever that is possible, while following the latest physical distancing guidelines.

We will continue to increase our on-campus provisions as Covid-19 restrictions ease.

Schools will be in touch with further details on what your teaching experience will look like.

What will hybrid teaching look like?

Professor Colm Harmon talks about teaching and what it will be like when you start University in September.

Video: VIDEO - Colm Harmon - teaching edinburgh
Professor Colm Harmon, Vice-Principal Students, talks about University in 2020 and the hybrid approach to teaching to expect come September - we feel its important for you to have in-person teaching, and that will happen, but when not possible live streams, and recorded videos will be used to ensure teaching continues. We look forward to seeing you in September.

Support with hybrid learning and teaching

The Institute of Academic Development (IAD) supports your academic development and provides guidance on hybrid learning and teaching.

Hybrid learning and teaching (IAD)


If you would like to ask any questions about learning and teaching during the Covid-19 pandemic, please get in touch.

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