New Students

Campus safety (Covid-19)

We are working hard to ensure all of our buildings are accessible and safe for your arrival in September. Please familiarise yourself with the following health and safety measures which will be in place when you arrive.

Reopening of buildings

We are implementing a phased approach to the reopening of our University buildings (including libraries and study spaces), and the majority of these are scheduled to reopen for the start of semester one.

Physical distancing measures

We want to ensure that our campus is a safe environment for everyone. We are working to introduce additional health and safety measures for the start of term, based on the two metre physical distancing as required by the Scottish Government as well as good hygiene.  

These will vary by building, but will include the introduction of:

  • hand hygiene facilities near entrances
  • one way systems and circulation spaces
  • screens at all reception areas
  • clear health and safety signage
  • increased cleaning regimes for all shared spaces and equipment
  • reduced occupancy and reconfigured layouts in shared rooms

We would expect all students to follow these measures as much as possible.

Face coverings

We are following Scottish Government advice, which may differ from UK Government advice.  For example, in Scotland you must now – by law – wear a face covering in shops and on public transport.

We are strongly encouraging you to also wear face coverings in University buildings.

Face coverings can be as simple as a scarf or soft material covering your mouth and nose.

The wearing of face coverings does not replace the increased measures outlined above. You should stay at least two metres away from others as well as follow all local signage and guidance.


Access to suitable handwashing facilities (or to hand sanitiser) will be available close to the entrance of building premises.

All those entering are expected to use these facilities as they enter, as well as at very regular intervals during the day.

On-campus catering

All of the University’s catering services will resume in line with the start of semester one. Catered accommodation will also re-open in line with the start of student arrival for semester one.

Health and safety in catered accommodation

Travelling to Scotland

If you are travelling from outside the UK, specific travel and self-isolation measures may also apply. Please ensure you check out the Scottish Government's website for the correct information.