New Students

Other student guides

These external guides provide advice for students on issues such as student safety, creating confidence and staying safe on nights out.

Student Safety guide

The Student Safety guide from Police Scotland offers simple steps to keep yourself and your property safe. 

We also recommend reading the guidance supplied by Police Scotland on their website.

Student safety (Police Scotland)

Creating Confidence guide 

The Creating Confidence guide provides practical advice about living and studying in the UK. The guide highlights some of the safety and security issues that international students need to be aware of and lists organisations to contact.

UK Council for International Student Affairs

The UK Council for International Student Affairs is a small organisation that works to support international students. The organisation provides direct advice and support through up-to-date guidance about immigration rules and information about the wider student experience. 

UK Council for International Student Affairs

Staying safe on a night out

To be really safe, students need to take responsibility for themselves and their friends. So on a night out, there are just a few really easy steps you can take to make sure the night goes off without incident.

How to stay safe at university (Drinkaware)