New Students

Managing your money

Guidance for new students on fee payments, bursaries and money management

The New Students website is here to guide new students through all the information that there is out there on about student finance while attending the University of Edinburgh.The University Scholarships and Student Funding website is the central University website for providing information on student finance, although not everything they provide is immediately relevant to new students.

We have assembled a number of useful resources below on the areas we've identified as being important for new students coming to the University: tuition fees, scholarships and funding, opening a bank account, and the living costs in Edinburgh. 

Tuition fees

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In this section, you will find out more information on your tuition fees, and how it differs with each degree programme.


Bank accounts
In this section, you will find useful information on opening your first student bank account in the UK.

Scholarships & funding

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Information on the financial support available to new students

Planning your budget

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In this section, you will find information on how estimating future living costs will help you budget for your expenses during your studies.

Discretionary and Hardship Funds

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Information on the support provided by the University if you face unexpected financial difficulties.


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The information on this page can also be found in an FAQ format on the University FAQ tool: Frequently Asked Questions - Money & Fees.