New Students

Tools to help

These tools will help you to make sense of degree regulations, programmes of study and course options.


The University provides a visual course selection and programme builder tool called Path. Path is not part of the academic regulatory framework but uses information from the DRPS to support students to consider their degree pathway, review outside course choices, understand co-requisites and pre-requisites and generate a timetable. Student feedback about courses is available to review. The Path tool can be accessed via MyEd.

Make sure that you have your EASE log in details ready (the ones you use to sign into MyEd) - you'll need them to access Path!

Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study (DRPS)

The University’s definitive record of programme and course information which govern a student’s academic career is the DRPS (Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study).

This is a repository of all of the courses offered by the University and provides information on which courses you need to take on your degree programme and which outside courses you may take. Not all courses are available to all students.

The information in the DRPS is important for students because every student must comply with the detailed requirements of the curriculum for the degree as set out in the appropriate Degree Programme Table, the programme handbook, the courses of study, the order in which courses are attended and the assessment for the programme. The full repository can be accessed through our website.

To see the full structure of our degrees through viewing our Degree Programme Tables (DPTs), use the Degree, Regulations and Programmes of Study (DPRS) website; selecting the correct academic year and then selecting 'Browse Degree Programme Tables (DPTs)' which can be found under the Degree Programmes heading on the Index Page.  The 'DPS' icon next to each programme name will provide information on the Degree Programme Specification. Courses within programmes for future academic years have not been finalised yet and are subject to change.


Use Path and DRPS on this page to start your research now!

Podcasts to watch before you arrive

The Careers Service has pre-recorded their presentation for those keen to consider their options in advance.