New Students

What is the Academic Fair?

The Academic Fair is an event hosted during Welcome Week on Tuesday 12th September 2017 in 50 George Square, for those students who have an element of choice within their undergraduate degree course.

Most degree programmes have some level of flexibility in choosing courses and some offer you a very broad choice of course options.

Many people refer to the Academic Fair as a place to learn about 'outside courses'. This is a term you may see or hear when talking to staff in the Schools, but is not a technical term. It generally means a Course Option offered by a different School/subject area to the main subject area(s) you are studying as part of your chosen Degree Programme.

The Academic Fair gives you the opportunity to talk informally with academic members of staff. You can ask questions and get more information from staff about the multitude of courses available to you at Edinburgh.

Please note that the Academic Fair offers you the chance to find out more about various courses you do not sign up for these courses during the Fair. That is done later in Welcome Week with your Personal Tutor or a member of your School’s Support Team.


What happens after the fair?

Current students' experiences

Most Schools which attend also invite some current students who already have experience of studying their courses along to the event.

These students will be based alongside the academics on the various stalls and can give you an important recent student perspective on courses you are considering. The student volunteers are often actively involved with Peer Support within their Schools.

They are keen to welcome new students and happy to share their own experiences so do feel free to ask them for their take on courses or life at University more generally.


In addition to the various School/subject-based stalls there will also be a number of presentation sessions held in the adjoining lecture theatre.

We recommend that you look at the various presentation sessions that are on offer and make a note of those you are interested in attending.

The Academic Fair can get quite hectic and it’s good to have a clear plan in advance of both the stalls and presentation sessions you would like to attend. Each presentation lasts up to 20 minutes and the presenters usually leave time at the end for questions.

You can also visit the various stalls (located throughout 50 George Square and David Hume Tower Basement) after attending a presentation if you have a specific question and want gather more information/advice one-to-one.

Student Services

As well as schools and subject-areas being available to give information about courses they offer, there will also be a small number of information stalls representing Student Support Services.  


The Careers Service has pre-recorded their presentation for those keen to consider their options in advance.

What should I do before attending?