New Students

Academic Fair 2017

Information about the undergraduate Academic Fair, including links to useful tools and information which will help you research your course options in advance of Welcome Week.

What is the Academic Fair?

The Academic Fair is an event hosted during Welcome Week on Tuesday 12th September 2017 in 50 George Square, for those students who have an element of choice within their undergraduate degree course.

What should I do before attending the Academic Fair?

We strongly recommend that those who have course options do some research before attending the Fair.

Tools to help

These tools will help you to make sense of degree regulations, programmes of study and course options.

When should I attend the Academic Fair?

You must attend the Academic Fair during the time that has been assigned to your School.

Further information about course options

Where to find further information about your course options.

Subject areas attending

A number of subject areas are represented at the Fair in 2017. These are listed alphabetically by College below. Student support services will also attend and their details are at the bottom of this page.


Schedule of presentations that take place during the Academic Fair in 2017.

What happens after the Academic Fair?

After attending the Academic Fair you will meet with your Personal Tutor or a member of your School’s Student Support Team.