New Students

University accommodation overview

Explore the range of accommodation available and the support provided by the University during your stay.

From catered to self-catered, corridors or flats, individual or family, the University boasts an impressive range of residences available to students. The pages below aim to highlight some of the choices you will need to think about when exploring the option of University accommodation. There is also information on accessible accommodation and moving in. 

Halls of residence or individual flats

Information on the different layouts of University accommodation

Individual or couples and families

Information about accommodation provided for couples or families, rather than individuals

Undergraduate or postgraduate

Information on the specific University accommodation designated for undergraduate students or postgraduate students

Catered or self-catered

Information comparing catered versus self-catered University accommodation options for undergraduate students. All postgraduate University accommodation is self-catered.

Paying accommodation fees upfront or in instalments

Information on the options for paying accommodation fees

Accessible accommodation

Nurse assisting disabled patient from wheelchair
Information about living in accommodation which is wheelchair-friendly or has other specific arrangements in place for students with disabilities

Moving into your University accommodation

new students with luggage moving into Mylne's Court
When to move in, how to do it, and what to expect