New Students

Students who have not received an accommodation offer

Advice for students who were not successful in their application for University accommodation

If you are not eligible for an accommodation guarantee (see Applying for University Accommodation), you may not be successful in your application for University accommodation. This is unfortunately unavoidable, as demand for University accommodation outstrips supply each year even though we are continuously expanding our network of residences for students. 


The Allocation Team

If you have not been successful in your application and would still like to pursue staying in University accommodation, it may be worth contacting the University accommodation Allocation Team at or on +44 (0)131 651 2042 to enquire about any last-minute changes in availability.

Please note that if you have already received an offer of accommodation and  did not accept it, it is unlikely that you will be issued with a new offer.


Renting Private Accommodation

If it is not possible for you to stay in University accommodation, you may have to rent privately. For more information on how to do this, please refer to the Renting Private Accommodation page of this website and/or the Accommodation, Catering and Events' page on renting private accommodation.

As well as halls of residence, the University also owns a limited number of individual flats across the city. These can be found on the Student Homes page of the Accommodation, Catering and Events website, and may be an option for anyone who has not received an offer of accommodation for a University halls of residence.