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University accommodation

Learn how to apply to University accommodation, and browse the range the University offers in terms of location, price, catered or self-catered, for individuals or couples and families.

To live in University accommodation you must submit an application in order to secure a place. This can be done before your offer has been made unconditional.

To complete your application, it is important to have an idea of which residences you would prefer to stay in, and to know the deadlines for submission. Browse the pages below to get information both on applying and the accommodation available. 


The Undergraduate and Postgraduate Accommodation Guides 2018 will be available soon, please see the guides for 2017 below.  

A condensed overview of most of the information on this section of the website can be found in the following guides published by the University Accommodation, Catering and Events website: 



Accommodation Guarantee

For most undergraduate students and some postgraduate students, the University guarantees a place in University accommodation for the academic year, although the exact location and nature of your accommodation cannot be confirmed until you receive your offer. Be aware that this guarantee does not automatically apply to everyone (see Applying for University Accommodation below), and is also dependent on timely submission of your accommodation application.

University accommodation overview

Find out more about accommodation options
Explore the range of accommodation available and the support provided by the University during your stay.

Applying for University accommodation

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Accommodation guarantees, deadlines and details.