New Students

Rent private housing

In this section, you will find advice on which flats and areas to consider, where to live and how to avoid housing scams.

Get information from The Advice Place 

Searching for private accommodation

The Advice Place website  (run by the Edinburgh University Student's Association) has a range of useful information, including advice on different neighbourhoods in Edinburgh, tenancy issues, landlord issues and tips on flat-hunting for either when you are a first-year or otherwise. 

You can consult the Accommodation section of the Advice Place website to find out more of the services they provide to assist with your search for private accommodation. 

Accommodation section (Advice Place website)

There is also a  walk-in The Advice Place clinic in two locations across the University's varying campuses: 

  1. Potterrow in Bristo Square
  2. King's Building House in the King's Buildings campus

Once you've reached either location, the advisers can read over your lease (also referred to as a tenancy agreement) before you sign it and answer any questions or worries about renting private accommodation in Edinburgh.  

You can explore on The Advice Place's free lease checking service page up on the Edinburgh University Students' Association website.  This will help you go over the types of leases your accommodation holds, and things to look out for, that would prove to be useful when looking over a lease. 

Read more on checking and signing your lease (Advice Place website)

Avoid housing scams

As a new student in Edinburgh, you are encouraged to look for potential housing scams directed toward you. The Advice Place has a useful information point on their website for you to explore in order to have awareness of what a scam may look like, how to prevent being scammed and what to do if you have been scammed. 

The Advice Place's information on scams (Edinburgh University Student Association website)

Private Housing - Accommodation Catering and Events website

The University Accommodation, Catering and Events website similarly also has information and advice on everything from discovering if a landlord or letting agency is genuine to finding out more about Council Tax.

Private Housing (University Accommodation, Catering and Events website)

Rent Guarantor Scheme

The purpose of this scheme is to enable University of Edinburgh students to rent private accommodation that may not otherwise be available because a UK-based rent guarantor is required. The scheme has up to 100 places and is open only to overseas and EU continuing students, and in exceptional circumstances to UK students where no UK guarantors are available.

This may be useful to you in your second year-- as first year, final year, and part-time students are unfortunately not eligible under this scheme.

Rent Guarantor Scheme (University Scholarships & Student Funding)

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