New Students

Council Tax

Full-time students are exempt from paying Council Tax but must register their exemption with the council.

Council Tax is a tax set by local councils in the UK to pay for local services. It issues one bill per household and you are not liable if you are a full-time student.

Exemptions from paying the tax, however, are not automatic; if you live in private accommodation you must register your exemption with the Council yourself .

Council Tax Exemption Letters can be viewed, printed and sent through the Personal Details channel in your MyEd (requires university password). More information on the exemption letter can be  accessed on the University Student Administration website. 

Council Tax Form page of the University Student Administration website


The Edinburgh University Student Association website has further information on registering exemption with councils and on the Council Tax generally. 

Council Tax and Benefits page of the Edinburgh University Student Association website


If you live in University accommodation, your exemption will be registered for you by the University.