Meet the team

Meet the Student Experience Action Plan team 

The core Student Experience Action Plan team:


Gavin Douglas


Deputy Secretary, Student Experience 

Colm Harmon


Vice Principal (Students)

Monica Jancsik

Senior Project Manager 

Service Excellence Programme


Student Experience Action Plan committee members: 


David Gray 

David Argyle

Wendy Loretto

Melissa Highton

Theresa Merrick

Andrew Wilson

Rachel Robertson

James Saville

Gary Jebb

Lee Hamill

Head of School, Biological Sciences

Head of School, The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies     

Dean of the Business School  

Director of Learning, Teaching and Web Services and Assistant Principal Online Learning

Director of Communications and Marketing

President of the Edinburgh University Students’ Association

Deputy Director of Finance

Director of Human Resources

Director of Estates

Director of Finance