Top 10 things to do in Edinburgh

Enjoy a fantastic night out with friends in Edinburgh to sample the local hospitality and delicacies or get out of the city to see other parts of Scotland. We bring you suggestions by your fellow alumni who graduated from Edinburgh over the past 40 years. Have you ticked off all of these experiences?

Before you graduate

1. Enjoy a Meadows BBQ

A pleasant way to revise and a relaxing way to wind down after the exams. The ultimate Meadows BBQ experience includes unexpected sunburn from the blazing heat of a Scottish spring - perhaps after falling asleep whilst ‘revising’.

2. Climb Arthur’s Seat

Watch the sunrise (with a wee dram for warmth) or appreciate at least one dramatic sunset from the top of the hill. Bonus points available for taking in the view on the evening after graduation.

3. 'Do’ the Festival

Great if you managed to stick around one summer and embrace the alternative Edinburgh that is the Festival Fringe. Extra points for working at the Festival and for hanging out, whilst waxing lyrical about must-see shows, in the Pleasance Courtyard. But if you haven’t made it to a Festival yet, make a resolution to come back for it soon!

4. Put your best foot forward

Experience traditional Scottish music and culture with an evening of revelry and dancing at a Scottish ceilidh. Excellent news if you get to one at the McEwan Hall but all venues are good with this one.

5. Climb David Hume Tower

No suggestion here that you have to scale the outside of the building; a trip in the lift will suffice. You need to have taken in those majestic views. Bonus marks for feeling it sway in the wind. A good tip to really appreciate this is to head into the toilets, fill a sink and watch the water slosh from side to side.

6. Sample local delicacies

So many options, so little time. Essentials include haggis, neeps and tatties, a deep-fried Mars bar and lunch at the Mosque Kitchen. And there are hundreds of other cafes, restaurants and delis to try.

7. Get out of the city

The full University of Edinburgh experience includes a trip out of the city. You can keep it simple with a bit of puffin-spotting in North Berwick or, for the truly adventurous, a road trip to the Highlands and Islands.

8. Enjoy fantastic nights with friends

Memories of big nights and social whirls will stay with you long after those of lectures and tutorials have faded. Now your exams are behind you, make sure you’ve clocked up a few nights at Teviot, experienced European-style outdoor socialising at The Pear Tree or in the Grassmarket (weather permitting) and danced the night away at Silent Disco.

9. Join my club

This is about enhanced experience and being part of the fabric of the University. Yes, you can diligently attend lectures and tutorials; yes, you can submit essays and sit exams, but these are just the basics. The ‘full Edinburgh’ includes participation in a club or society. Bonus points for being on a committee and making stuff happen.

10. Take it in and embrace the moment

Finally, and maybe most importantly, take the time to wander around the city - to favourite areas or some places you’ve never visited before. Key spots for reflection and mellow thinking include New Town, Calton Hill, the Botanical Gardens, Dean Village, and the Water of Leith. All best enjoyed in sunshine, but light drizzle should not be a barrier.