Student Guidance: Contacting your emergency contact

A summary of when staff will attempt to contact your emergency contact

From the start of the 2020/21 academic year all students, both new and continuing, will be required to complete an annual registration process as part of matriculation to ensure that the University has accurate and current personal details for you and your nominated emergency contact.

Having emergency contact information allows the University to contact a responsible adult nominated by you so that we can inform them of situations where there are concerns about your health and wellbeing that need immediate action. This may be in the case of, for example, a life-threatening situation or a situation where staff are concerned about your wellbeing, and being able to contact the right people quickly enables the University to take appropriate action to ensure your safety and wellbeing.

You can complete this information from the links available within MyEd > Accounts > Progression > My student record. Details on how to complete your online registration can be found here.

All data entered by students are securely stored in EUCLID. Staff with appropriate permissions can access these data in accordance with our Data Protection policies.

Staff will only attempt to contact your named emergency contact if:

  • You have not responded to all attempts made to contact you, or
  • In an emergency where there is an urgent risk to your safety.

Reasons for contact would include a medical emergency such as admittance to hospital, concern for your wellbeing, a student has gone missing or is displaying symptoms of serious and immediate physical or mental illness or concerning behavior.

Staff must make sure that the situation warrants this, and seek authority from a number of named ‘Authorisers’ within the University. Wherever possible, University staff should consult with you prior to communicating with your Emergency Contact.

If you have any questions regarding this guidance, please contact (Policy & Projects Officer- Student Experience).