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Information on The Consent Collective to help communities talk about sexual harassment, sexual violence and domestic abuse.

Every university community needs to talk about consent, sex, gender, sexual harassment and relationships. That's why The Consent Collective is proud to be working with The University of Edinburgh to enable conversations about these important issues.

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Consent Collective at University of Edinburgh

UoE started working with The Consent Collective in 2018, and have put on a series of collaborative events, working with student leaders, leading in the university space and making these conversations part of the culture:

More about this work in this Guardian article, 2018, as we started this ongoing journey:

Over the past few years, between 2018 and now, UoE have commissioned, and continue to commission, a variety of events with The Consent Collective. The events purposefully included a great variety and style of events, so that we can work to reach wider into our uni community. The events have survivor workshops, guest lectures, the gameshow, How to be good in bed, panel discussions showcasing our student voices as well as senior leadership voices and a good few other live events.


Below are a few examples to showcase some of these past events and give a nod to the ongoing work:

#MeToo Surviving University – workshop held on campus

A workshop on surviving life at university for any student at The University of Edinburgh who has experienced any form of sexual or domestic abuse.

3 x live gameshow events: How to be good in bed – on campus events

Guest lecture: Consent, safeguarding and your future career – on campus event

A guest lecture from psychologist Dr Nina Burrowes. What do the next generation of legal, health, wellbeing, business and education professionals need to know about the challenges presented by sexual harassment, consent and safeguarding?

(available here on TV)


Roll Red Roll screening and conversation – on campus event

Would you step in to stop what's going on? Or would you laugh along in the background? This powerful film explores what happens when college life and rape culture mix and challenges all of us to question - what would I do?


All UoE staff and students have access to Consent Collective TV, which is full of video content that's designed to inspire, support and educate people about consent, relationships, and sexual harassment and you can hear the voices of student leaders, senior staff and phd students on this topic.


UoE voices on Consent Collective TV:

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Collective Thinking panel event: Sexual harassment on campus. Are we asking the right questions?

Join psychologist Nina Burrowes in conversation with PhD candidate Poppy Gerrard-Abbott and Director of Student Wellbeing Andy Shanks as they explore the questions that are commonly asked about sexual harassment on campus and look to the future and wonder what questions we hope we'll be asking as time moves on. Recorded on behalf of The University of Edinburgh.


How to be good in bed (Episode 6) – Gameshow podcast

This episode of our podcast game show talking about consent, sex, relationships, power and pleasure was recorded for The University of Edinburgh and features Women's Officer Lucy da Costa, VP Welfare Niamh McCrossan and comedian Semeena Zehra.


Live 'Activism and me' event at The University of Edinburgh

Women's Officer Martha Reilly and Consent Collective Founders Cynthia Ellis and Nina Burrowes talk about what their activism works means to them from why they do it, what they struggle with and who inspires them. Filmed as part of International Women's Day 2020.

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