Support and guidance for students who have experienced racial harassment or a hate crime.

University support

We want to ensure that you feel supported and heard. If you feel that you require support and assistance in taking any appropriate action, the following services can be of assistance:

The Advice Place (for students)

The Students’ Association Advice Place is able to provide frontline support if you have experienced a hate crime. We strongly encourage you to make contact with staff there as soon as possible.

How the Advice Place can help?

Any action that you decide to take is, of course, entirely your choice, but the Advice Place can advise you on what options there are, including:

  • Requesting an investigation against the person who has committed the hate crime (where they are a University of Edinburgh student or staff member) using the University’s complaints procedure
  • Referring you to other support agencies if appropriate
  • Facilitating ‘third party police reporting’ – this means that Advice Place staff can help you report your experience to the police, or report it for you, without you needing to be in contact with the police

Advice place guidance on hate crimes

The Advice Place will not disclose any of your details to a third party (including the University or the police) without your consent unless the staff believe that you or someone else is at imminent risk of harm. In this case, the staff could discuss this with you first. 

You do not need an appointment in order to obtain support from the Advice Place, but if you would like to be sure that an advisor will be available to speak with you then it is advisable to book ahead by telephone or e-mail. They have offices in Potterrow (central) and at Kings’ Buildings.

Contact the Advice Place

Counselling (for students and staff)

You can also access specialist support from the Student Counselling Service. Information on how to contact them and details about the support that they provide can be found on the Student Counselling website.

Support outside the University

There is additional support available from organisations outside the University for those who have experienced a hate crime.

Victim Support Scotland

Whether you decide to report a hate crime or not, or you are undecided, Victim Support Scotland can give you emotional, confidential and practical help and support.

Contact Victim Support Scotland


Supportline provides a confidential telephone helpline offering emotional support to those who have experienced a hate crime.

Contact Supportline

Scottish Government Advice & Guidance

The Scottish Government provides links to online information and support for those who have experienced a hate crime.

Scottish Government Website