Free, immediate support for both overall wellbeing and specific concerns

Overall wellbeing

To aid in relaxation or meditation, Mental Health Foundation offers a free online course in mindfulness:

Be Mindful 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

With courses addressing a variety of subjects, including stress and low mood, Living Life to the Full provides CBT resources at any time of day.

Living Life to the Full

Specific issues

Academic stress

The NHS and the UK mental-health charity Mind provide guidance on maintaining mental health as a student.

NHS resources:

Moodzone and Moodzone Podcasts

Tips for managing your time

Tips to reduce stress


How to cope with student life 


For support from students who also experience depression:

Students Against Depression

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

For facts on drug use, Know the Score offers extensive information.

For help monitoring alcohol consumption, Drinkaware provides a list of resources.

Know the Score 

Drinkaware – alcohol support services

Eating issues

For help, or to help a friend, you can make use of the following resources from the UK eating disorder charity Beat:

  • Message boards
  • Helplines
  • Online support groups

Access to these resources is available at their site:



The following articles provide tips to manage homesickness, including stories of other students’ experiences.

How to Deal with Homesickness - The Guardian

Top Ten Tips for Students - The Telegraph

Additionally, many opportunities at the University to get involved can help you build a support system.

Careers Service – Volunteering

EUSA Get Involved

Join a EUSA society


NHS online provides useful information on Insomnia, including potential symptoms and advice on treatment.

NHS information on insomnia