Becoming a Student Representative

Why you should consider becoming a Student Rep and how to go about it.

Why volunteer

Student Reps are at the heart of student representation. They represent the views of their fellow students directly to the staff in their Schools and work in partnership with staff to improve the experience of current and future students.

More information is available from Edinburgh University Students' Association.

Students' Association guide for Student Reps

How to volunteer

During the first weeks of the semester, your Course of Programme Organiser will present the Class Representative role and ask for students to volunteer to take on this leadership role.

If multiple students put themselves forward, informal elections will be held to select the Class Rep(s). The Students’ Association suggests that there should be approximately one Class Rep per 40 students in a course or programme, unless the course or programme is smaller.

Information for students and staff about Student Rep elections

Elected representatives

Each year The Students’ Association holds student elections to choose the Sabbatical Officers and other elected Reps. Each School elects an Undergraduate and a Postgraduate School Representative who represent all the students in their particular School. School Reps are invited to take part in SSLCs, Teaching Programme Reviews, Postgraduate Programme Reviews and Board of Studies meetings to discuss changes and improvements to courses and degree programmes.

Information about Elected Reps