Student voice

How we gather and use your feedback to enhance courses and the quality of our degree programmes, the University Student Partnership Agreement and student representation.

Giving Feedback

An interactive illustration of the various student feedback mechanisms and how they relate to each other.


Have Your Say

We want to make sure that you have a great experience at the University of Edinburgh. Through our 'Have Your Say' suggestion box, you can tell us how we can make your experience better: what’s working well and how we can improve.

Student Partnership Agreement

How students and staff at the University work in partnership to enhance the student experience.

Student Surveys

All the data we gather is used to shape future decisions about the full spectrum of areas that make up the student experience.

Student Panel

The University is constantly striving to improve student experience, and the Panel gives students the opportunity to shape this process through feedback and review.

Enhancing your courses

How your feedback helps us enhance the courses we offer.

Enhancing your programme

Get involved in programme review.

Student representation

What student representation is, why it matters and how you can get involved.

Student engagement in learning and teaching

Exploring new ways for students and staff to enhance engagement with learning, teaching and assessment.

 Student Voice Policy

The Student Voice Policy outlines the University’s approach to gathering, learning from and responding to the student voice.