Personal Tutor tools

Your electronic student record is accessible through MyEd. It includes information on the programme you’re enrolled on, courses you’re registered on, and marks you’ve received.

Personal Tutor on MyEd

The University uses MyEd and the email system to support you in your studies and for essential communications. You must access and manage your record and email account regularly as we will assume that you have read and taken appropriate action.

Personal Tutor channel

MyEd has a Personal Tutor channel for tracking the content of meetings with your Personal Tutor, and helping you and your Personal Tutor reflect on the progress and direction of your studies. This channel lets you, your Personal Tutor and other University staff record notes.  There may be occasions where you have received information in an email that you want to include on your student record. You can do this by adding a note to your record. Reminders are sent to your University email account when there is a new note for you on your student record. Each note either starts a fresh subject or comments on a previous note.

Guidance on using the software available via your Personal Tutor MyEd channel on the Studies tab is online. It includes information on requesting meetings, adding notes and comments and explains who can view comments.


Two levels of confidentiality are available for notes on your MyEd Personal Tutor channel.

By default, all authorised University staff can view your notes. Authorised users will treat all recorded information appropriately and will limit disclosures to the minimum necessary.

However, with more confidential or sensitive information, access will be restricted and, in some cases, details are not recorded.  If you so wish, you can mark a particular note as confidential which will restrict its visibility to you, your Personal Tutor, the School's Senior Tutor, the School's Student Support Team and the Dean of Students. The University encourages you to consider carefully when you restrict visibility, as restriction might hinder support staff outside the School from supporting you effectively. There is guidance on confidentiality which sets out categories which are used by staff and students to decide together what level applies to specific notes and to support a common approach.

What should be recorded as confidential?