My Personal Tutor

Every undergraduate and taught postgraduate student has a Personal Tutor, a member of the teaching staff who provides academic guidance and support. Your Personal Tutor is there to help you make the most of your studies as you progress through your university career.

Aims of the Personal Tutor system

The Personal Tutor system will provide you with a named member of academic staff, your Personal Tutor, who will support you throughout your time at the University, giving you academic support and a route to pastoral support.  You, as a Tutee, will work with your Personal Tutor to reflect on your academic performance, and how this contributes to your aspirations, helping you to engage as a member of a community of learners. 

New student support model

The University is creating a new student support model to support students during their time here. It will deliver more consistent support for students, with enhanced teams of staff working alongside academics and other professional services staff to provide guidance and support to students.

The new model moves the University from its current personal tutor system to an adviser system in each School. Student Advisers will become the first point of contact to assist students with their studies.

The model will be rolled out as part of a phased approach. From the 2022/23 academic year, students will have either a Personal Tutor as they currently do now OR an assigned Student Adviser.

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Meeting your Personal Tutor

You will have a number of scheduled meetings with your Personal Tutor each academic year.


What can you expect from your Personal Tutor and what is expected as a tutee?

Personal Tutor tools

Your electronic student record is accessible through MyEd. It includes information on the programme you’re enrolled on, courses you’re registered on, and marks you’ve received.

School and College support

Within each School and College there are a number of other roles working in partnership with Personal Tutors to make sure the personal tutor system works for you.