Adapting Well

Information and resources are provided here to help you adapt well and get the best from your University experience.

Learning online

Resources and advice for students who are new to learning online.

Culture shock

Hear current international students reflect on their experiences in transitioning into life in Edinburgh, adapting to local culture, academic life and passing on their top tips

Building resilience

Resources to help you take control and make the most of your student experience.

Making the best of your student experience

A self-study resource for all students which explores how to manage and make the best of your student experience.

Graduates advice to new students

After their graduation ceremony, graduates from the School of Mathematics are asked what advice they would give to new students in their School.

Coping with change

General information about some of the skills and strategies which can help you with a smoother transition in, within and beyond University

You've got this

Facing your challenges and redefining success

Developing resilience for career success

Building resilience and becoming adaptable are key to career success. Find out more in these employer film clips.