Student Systems

Student Self-Service channel

Guidance on how to view your student record through your MyEd Student Self-Service channel.

From your initial registration as an Edinburgh student to receipt of your final award, you can use the service to view course and programme information and update your personal details.

It allows you to:

  • check your registration and matriculation status
  • edit personal and contact information
  • view course details and results
  • view Personal Tutor contact information
  • view your final award and Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)
  • view any applications for further study at Edinburgh


To launch Student Self-Service, select ‘Student Details’ in MyEd’s ‘Accounts’ dropdown menu.

Launch Student Self-Service via MyEd (requires EASE authentication)

For help using the channel, watch our instructional videos via the links below or contact our team for additional support.



Watch our videos

These videos show how our software works, with text guidance. They have no sound.

To view in full screen click the video title (top left hand corner) and watch direct from youtube with all the youtube functionality available.

Please note that our videos will not display in Google Chrome due to a bug, but can be viewed in other browsers.

To receive this information in an alternative format, contact our team.

Student Systems

Work: +44 (0)131 651 4000




Getting started

Launch Student Self-Service: instructional video (1:03) 

Online registration overview: instructional video (3:49)  

View my matriculation status: instructional video (0:52) 

Add immigration documentation: instructional video (1:32)

Studies details

Find the Studies tab: instructional video (1:13) 

View my course enrolments and results: instructional video (1:18) 

View my final award details: instructional video (0:45) 

View my Higher Education Achievement Report: instructional video (0:43) 

View my applications for further study at Edinburgh: instructional video (0:46) 

Personal details

Edit my personal details: instructional video (1:30) 

Amend my 'known as' name: instructional video (1:12) 

Update my home address: instructional video (1:48) 

Update my semester address: instructional video (1:38) 

Update my future home address: instructional video (2:13) 

Update my future semester address: instructional video (2:01)  

Update my emergency contacts: instructional video (1:14) 

Further student record changes

Some changes to your student record, such as change of gender, cannot be made in MyEd.

Visit the website below for more information:

Making changes to your student record

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