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Request a meeting

The Personal Tutor channel allows you to request a meeting with your Student Support Team, Personal Tutor or Student Adviser.

Schools normally arrange meetings between undergraduates and their Student Support Team, Personal Tutor or Student Adviser within the first 2-3 weeks of the Semester, so while undergraduates may see the function to request a meeting please only do this if it is really urgent as you will have a scheduled meeting set up in due course.

Login to your MyED portal.

Click on the Studies tab and find the Personal Tutor channel.

Please note that for 8 weeks after the start of term the Personal Tutor channel will also be shown on the Today tab.

Click on the Request meeting button.

Personal tutor channel image
Personal tutor channel image

Request the meeting, describing the purpose of the meeting in the Notes section.

Request a meeting details image
Request a meeting details image

Select the either Personal Tutor/Student Adviser or Student Support Officer as the person(s) you would like to meet with.

There are three Categories available for you to choose against your meeting request:

  • Academic
  • Personal
  • Other

The default category is always Academic, but you can deselect this and select either Personal or Other. You can select more than one category if you think this best suits your request. 

If the meeting request purpose contains sensitive information, click on the Confidential? box.

Click on the Save Meeting Request button to submit the request.

This will add a new message to your Personal Tutor notes and will email the Student Support Team & Personal Tutor/Student Adviser with notification of your request.

Personal tutor notes image
Personal tutor notes image