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Meeting notification: next steps

When your Student Support Team, Personal Tutor or Student Adviser sets up a meeting for you, you will receive a notification to your Edinburgh University student email account (Outlook 365) to notify you of this.

email notification of meeting request image
email notification of meeting request image

Above is an example of the notification email. Click on the direct link to view your notes, where you will see the details of the meeting that has been set up. If you wish to add the meeting to your Office365 calendar, you must click on the green tick to 'accept' the invitation, (you can ignore the purple question mark to put a 'tentative acceptance' in your Office365 calendar or on the red X to decline the invitation). Your intention to 'attend' will update the status of your calendar.

If you make any changes to the calendar entry in Outlook 365, the change will only be in your calendar and will not be communicated to other attendees. If a change is required, you must click on the direct link in the email and add a meeting comment describing the change of date/time required.

Please also be aware that although the meeting will show in your Office 365 calendar, some staff in the Student Support Team, Personal Tutors or Student Advisers do not use electronic calendars, so you will need to speak to them directly to agree the details of the meeting, or check the link to your notes for any possible changes in advance of the meeting time.

For further information on how the Office 365 email service, please click here.