Student Systems

Personal Tutor channel

Guidance on how to use your MyEd Personal Tutor channel as a support system and for essential communications with your Personal Tutor and Student Support Team.

Personal Tutor channel explained

Information about the Personal Tutor channel and how your Personal Tutor will support you through your studies.

Personal Tutor channel overview

The Personal Tutor channel provides contact details and information about your Personal Tutor, your Student Support Team and the Senior Tutor within your School.

Request a meeting

The Personal Tutor channel allows you to request a meeting with your Personal Tutor or a member of the Student Support team.

Meeting notification: next steps

When your Personal Tutor, Senior Tutor or someone in the Student Support Team sets up a meeting for you, you will receive a notification to your Edinburgh University student email account (Outlook 365) to notify you of this.

Add a note

Guidance on adding a note to your Personal Tutor notes channel.

Add a comment

Guidance on adding a comment to your Personal Tutor notes for display to your Personal Tutor and Student Support Team.

Confidentiality settings for notes and comments

Guidance on the recording of confidential details within the Personal Tutor channel.

Viewing messages

Guidance on viewing new messages sent to you within your Personal Tutor channel within MyEd.