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Course creation, approval and maintenance

Use our Course Creation, Approval and Maintenance (CCAM) software to view, create, amend and close courses in EUCLID.

User guides and reference materials

CCAM - Information Captured

Details the information captured via CCAM and gives detailed advice about each.

Course Creation: Input & Amend Course Details Task

How to input and amend information on a new course

Create a Course Instance: Add Instance

How to add a course instance in EUCLID.

Create a Course Instance: Assessment Methods

How to set-up and maintain course instances including Assessment Methods.

Create a Course Instance: Learning and Teaching Activities

How to set-up and maintain course instances including Learning and Teaching.

Enrolment Requirements: Pre-requisites, Co-requisites & Prohibited Combinations

How to set-up and maintain Enrolment Requirements for a course.

Amend/ Close an Open Course

How to amend course data for Open courses within your School.

Student Systems

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