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Key dates for the submission of mini-portfolios.

Mini-portfolio is open to applicants from Wednesday 1 December 2022 and will close at 12:00 noon GMT on Tuesday 07 February 2023.

From 1 December 2022, as soon as you receive your MyEd username and password, you can begin uploading your mini-portfolio. Although the deadline is the 07 February 2023, you should begin to plan your mini-portfolio as soon as you decide to apply.

It is essential that you do not leave your mini-portfolio until the last minute. The sooner you can start uploading content the better, as this will allow time for you to experiment with a range of images and to make sure that the mini-portfolio is received by the University in plenty of time.

The UCAS equal consideration deadline for all applicants is Wednesday 25 January 2023. Applications submitted after the UCAS deadline will not be considered. Late applicants cannot submit a mini-portfolio.

The deadline for submission of your mini-portfolio is 12:00 noon GMT on Tuesday 07 February 2023. If you do not complete and submit a mini-portfolio by the deadline, your application will be unsuccessful.

We recommend that you follow our mini-portfolio Twitter feeds:



These Twitter feeds will be live from 1 December 2022 until the 07 February 2022 mini-portfolio deadline.



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