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Mini-portfolio requirements

Guidance on what is required to be submitted through mini-portfolio.

At this initial stage, the University is not necessarily expecting a showcase of final work, but rather an indication of work in progress. This must demonstrate how you approach an idea or subject and then develop the work from initial enquiry, through experimentation and enquiry, to resolved work.

You should review our portfolio guidance from page 9 of the ‘How to Apply Booklet 2022’.  Please see the below link:

Film and Television

For applications to Film and Television you must provide:

  • a link to 1 digital video file you have uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo or other website of your choice, up to five minutes in length and accompanied by a short passage of text
  • written answers to the following questions in the number of words specified:
  1. What kind of research and preparation did you carry out to produce this film? (Maximum 250 words)
  2. Give a short description of the two main roles that interest you in a film production. What do you consider to be the main responsibilities and activities of these departments? Why are you interested in performing these roles? (Maximum 250 words)
  3. If you were given the assignment to make a short 3-minute film with the theme 'Cultural Diversity' how would you carry out the research, plan the budget and realise the production of this short film?  Present a concise and clear plan. (Maximum 500 words)

Please note: if we are unable to access uploaded clips, we will not be able to complete our assessment. Please ensure that your clips are not password protected and do not contain copyrighted material.

Applications to all other Art and Design programmes

A list of the other Art and Design programmes that fall into the criteria below can be seen by clicking on the link below:

All other Art and Design programme list

For applications to other Art and Design degree programmes we require:

  • up to 10 images of your development/sketchbook work (minimum of 5 images)
  • up to 10 images of your resolved work (minimum of 5 images)
  • up to 5 images which demonstrate your influences (minimum of 2 images)


Each image can have up to 100 characters, which includes spaces and punctuation, of supporting/explanatory text.


Influence / Context Images

The images demonstrating your influences may be images of work or objects which have inspired or influenced your work e.g.

  • people working in the same medium or for the same audience, now or in the past
  • people interested in the same subject or theme, now or in the past
  • natural or man-made phenomena, objects, places, events which have inspired or provoked a response


If you are making multiple applications, you must upload a separate mini-portfolio for each application. This allows you to tailor the content to each degree programme and showcase your strengths in particular areas. However, this does not necessarily mean compiling a completely different set of images for each application.





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