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Art and Design degree programmes

Programmes that require portfolios to be submitted through mini-portfolio.

The following Art and Design undergraduate degree programmes require portfolios to be submitted through mini-portfolio:


Programme UCAS Code University (Marketing) Code
Animation (BA Hons) W615 UTANIMEBAH
Fashion (BA Hons) W230 UTFASHEBAH
Film and Television (BA Hons) P390 UTFITEEBAH
Fine Art (MA Hons) W150 UTFNEARMAH
Graphic Design (BA Hons) W210 UTGRDEEBAH
Illustration (BA Hons) W220 UTILLUEBAH
Interior Design (BA Hons) W250 UTINDEEBAH
Intermedia Art (BA Hons) W900 UTBAHINART1F
Jewellery and Silversmithing (BA Hons) W721 UTJESIEBAH
Painting  (BA Hons) W120 UTBAHPAINT1F
Performance Costume (BA Hons) W451 UTPECOEBAH
Photography (BA Hons) W640 UTBAHPHOTO1F
Product Design (BA Hons) W240 UTPRDEEBAH
Sculpture (BA Hons) W130 UTBAHSCULP1F
Textiles (BA Hons) J420 UTTEXTEBAH



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