Student Systems

Undergraduate early exit Award process

Guidance on how undergraduate student records are Awarded, following withdrawal.

Student Record Operations have designed a monthly process to review all Undergraduate students from the current academic year with credit who have not been awarded within the system.

Once a student withdrawal request has been submitted via the programme change request form, Student Record Operations will process within the system. Students with credit will be highlighted via BI report and processed accordingly at the beginning of each month:

  • The report highlights students with recognised prior learning attached to their record, these records are dealt with on a case by case basis and referred to the School, if necessary.

For standard credit bearing students the following process is completed:

  • If credits are below 120, no award will be processed
  • If credits are equal to or more than 120 and less than 240, the team will process a Certificate of Higher Education to the record
  • If credits are equal to or more than 240 and less than 360, the team will process a Diploma of Higher Education to the record
  • If credits are equal to or more than 360, we will collate a list of students and refer to the school, processing the relevant awards via exception, upon return

Where possible all Postgraduate Taught students should be processed via the Awards and Progression Tool (APT).  If the Award cannot be processed via APT, the School may request the Award to be added by Student Record Operations via an exception spreadsheet, further guidance linked below.