Student Systems

UG students repeating a year on a Part-time basis

Guidance on which modes of study to use for repeat years and for how students taking a year part-time across two years are processed.


When each Mode of Study status should be used

A student’s Mode of Study will depend on the number of credits they are taking across the period. The following options will apply if they are in attendance for the full academic year and are retaking both classes and assessments:

  • More than 80 credits across a full year is Full-time
  • 80 credits or less across a full year is Part-time


If a student is only going to be repeating courses that take place in either Semester 1 or 2, then they can be interrupted for the other part of the year. In these cases their mode of study for the period when they are not interrupted would be one of the ‘Part Session’ options:

  • 60 credits or more in one semester would be Full-time Part Session
  • Less than 60 credits in one semester would be Part-time Part Session


If a student is only going to be retaking assessments in their repeat year, then the options for their mode of study would be:

  • Exam only after full-time study
  • Exam only after part-time study

These options are dependent on whether they had been full-time or part-time in the previous academic year, not on how many credits they are to be retaking this year.



How Fees are charged for each mode

We would recommend taking a look at the guidance the Fees team have provided on how repeat years are charged for undergraduate students:

If you have any instances not covered here then the team can advise on a case-by-case basis at



When an interruption should be keyed

A student should be interrupted if they are not engaging with studies for either part of or the full academic year, and this can be approved by the College/School in line with the Authorised Interruption of Studies policy:



Process for final year students taking Year 4 Part-time over two years

We would recommend confirming the fee implications of this with the Fees Team at so that the student is aware beforehand.

Once that has been confirmed, then you can submit a Mode of Study change request for the record to go to Part-time. You will also need to detail in the notes section that they will be studying Part-time in the next academic year as well and what their new expected end date will be.

We will then process the mode of study change and we will add a temporary extension to their record, so that their new end date is displayed correctly for the time being. We will then set this request to ‘Pending’ so that we can pick up the record again after Academic Rollover in July. Once they are in their second Part-time year, we will correct their Year of Programme and remove the extension, then the request will be marked as ‘Completed’.