Student Systems

Part-time intermittent student processing

Guidance on attendance confirmation and matriculation for new and continuing part-time intermittent students

Part-time intermittent students study on 'unstructured' programmes where they can be enrolled on courses at any point during a flexible period, including some times when they may not be in attendance at all. This raises some issues around cancellation of students for non-matriculation in line with the University's withdrawal and exclusion policy, as the students should not be returned to HESA until they are fully matriculated, but this may not happen until later in the year:


Part-time intermittent student records should be managed in the following way:


  • New students should not have their attendance confirmed until they are on programme and engaging with a course
  • New students should retain their original start date, even if they do not engage with a course until later in the academic year
  • New students will not be included in start of term cancellation processes, details of which are available here:


  • Continuing students should complete online registration (from April 2020) and have their attendance confirmed each academic year, whether they are taking courses or not, as long as they intend to continue with the programme at a future date
  • Continuing students will be included in start of term cancellation processes, and will be cancelled in week 6 if they do not complete registration and have attendance confirmed




  • Schools will monitor course enrolments for part-time intermittent students to ensure these are removed where a student is not engaging, so the related fee can be cancelled
  • Student Record Operations will circulate a list to Schools in May each year of new part-time intermittent students who have not completed matriculation in order that these records can be fully matriculated or cancelled, as appropriate